Moneta, goddess of mints and money

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Authentic Roman coin featuring Moneta, the goddess of mints and money. This coin was minted by the Roman Emperor postumus between 259-268 A.D. A man of humble origin, Postumus was a soldier of great merit and was appointed commander of the Rhine legions by Valerian In A.D. 259, actuated either by personal ambition or at the desire of his troops, he rebelled against Gallienus, and ruled Gaul, Spain and Britain firmly and wisely for almost a decade. He was completely successful not only in fighting back the German tribes from the Rhine frontier, but also in thwarting the repeated attempts of Gallienus to recover the last provinces. In A.D. 268, however, Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus rebelled against Postumus, and although the usurper was quickly attacked and destroyed, the refusal of Postumus to allow his troops to sack Moguntiacum (Mainz), which had supported the rebel, led to his own assassination. Mounted in a 14k gold bezel. It is about the size of a nickle.

Moneta, goddess of mints and money

Ancient Coin Jewelry/Averi Designs

I have been using authentic ancient Greek and Roman coins in my jewelry for the last 30 years. Most of the pieces I put on Zibbet are silver cameos modeled off of antique plasters done in the late 1700's to early 1800's by museums in Europe. This is my AveriDesigns line. I also use modern and vintage shell, plastic and stone cameos for my models. I make molds of ancient coins, but only cast one side when doing a reproduction.