Goddess Bracelet

$475.00 USD


Product Description

Heavy sterling silver bracelet using Roman silver coins featuring different goddesses. These bracelets would be custom made using goddesses of your choice. The choices would include Salus, the goddess of health safety and welfare. Felicitas, happiness and prosperity. Laetitia, joy and gladness. Venus, beauty and love. Aequitas, equity and fair dealing. Fortuna, good fortune. Diana, protectress of the young. Juno, childbirth. Minerva, wisdom. Vesta, family life. Aeternitas, stability. Concordia, concord and harmony. Fides, Confidence. Pax, peace. Securitas, confidence and security. Victoria, victory. List the goddesses in order of preference and I will try to use your favorites, however it is not always possible to obtain the coins, so I will do my best to use the goddesses you prefer. The bracelet pictureed is 14k gold with Salus, Venus and Fortuna.

Goddess Bracelet

Ancient Coin Jewelry/Averi Designs

I have been using authentic ancient Greek and Roman coins in my jewelry for the last 30 years. Most of the pieces I put on Zibbet are silver cameos modeled off of antique plasters done in the late 1700's to early 1800's by museums in Europe. This is my AveriDesigns line. I also use modern and vintage shell, plastic and stone cameos for my models. I make molds of ancient coins, but only cast one side when doing a reproduction.