Aequitas, Goddess of equity and fair dealing

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Authentic ancient Roman coin featuring the goddess Aequitas holding the scales of justice. Minted between 221-235 A.D. by the Emperor Severus Alexander. Severus Alexander was born in 208 A.D., the son of Julia Mamaea and Gessius Marcianus. In 221, he was adopted by Elagabalus, his cousin, and given the title of Caesar. After the murder of Elagabalus, Alexander was acknowledged as emperor by the Praetorian guards, the Senate giving its confirmation the following day. Alexander ruled the empire wisely and well and the condition of the State was much improved but the emperor was very much under the influence of his mother, and this was resented by the army. The soldiers proclaimed Maximinus, one of their commanders, emperor, and Alexander and Julia Mamaea were murdered at their camp near Mainz (March 22, 235 A.D.).
Mounted in a 14k gold bezel. About the size of a penny.

Aequitas, Goddess of equity and fair dealing

Ancient Coin Jewelry/Averi Designs

I have been using authentic ancient Greek and Roman coins in my jewelry for the last 30 years. Most of the pieces I put on Zibbet are silver cameos modeled off of antique plasters done in the late 1700's to early 1800's by museums in Europe. This is my AveriDesigns line. I also use modern and vintage shell, plastic and stone cameos for my models. I make molds of ancient coins, but only cast one side when doing a reproduction.